Tuesday, 25 February 2014

LTW Magnetic Protest Kit


I've been thinking about this for too long. But they are finally here!

Together with my fellow umpires and board members in the DMTRA we've managed to make a reasonable set of magnetic boats for the use as educational tools and also as models in the protest room. Without any moving parts, but still magnetic so they stick to a white board.

The ones we all use with the movable sails are just a little too expensive and the sails tend to get looser and looser all the time. They are also very hard to "move" on the white-board.

Our set has a "cut out" shape for the sail, just flip the model (it sticks on both sides) if you want to change tack. And the magnets are just a tad thicker than the boats, so you can get them of the board easy.
All parts spread out on the box.

A set consists of:
  • three numbered blue boats (1, 2 and 3);
  • three numbered yellow boats (1, 2 and 3);
  • two RC-boats in red, for starting and/or finishing vessels;
  • two rubber boats in red, for umpire and/or wing;
  • four marks, also red;
  • two arrow indicators in red (wind, current, tide, or whatever);
  • all in a sturdy box, with room for more.

We wanted to keep the price as low as possible, but with all the materials and the starting up costs, it has become a little more than we had hoped. Nevertheless it is still a lot less than the traditional magnetic set.

So now FOR sale, I'm proud to introduce:

Price for a set is €47,50 including VAT.
(Since shipping/posting is so varied, that price is exclusive of shipping costs)
But the box fits (even with a padded envelope) in the mailbox, so it shouldn't be that expensive.
Somewhere around € 6,- depending on the weight. Paypal seems to be the easiest and most economical way to pay, which brings the total cost including shipping to around € 57,-
(For the US, I can send you a set for $ 79,50)

If this becomes a success, we will expand the series with specific boat types; multi hull, dinghy, optimist, maybe even kite-boards, and you can order more of each type in different colors.
But let us first see if this works.

In the box; ready for travel
Just send me an email with your wishes and shipping address, I will quote you a total price and we can work out the details. Please use ltw-regelservice at home dot nl, and I'll get back to you ASAP.


PS: Gordon, I've not forgotten, as winner in the LTW 2012 Winter Challenge you WILL get one of these sets. I'll contact you by Email.

Magnetic Boats for on the white-board !
Complete situation clearly visible from across the room


  1. Key question - what do they look like to an airport security scanner?!?! :-)

    1. Good question, Zaphod. I don't know yet. I suspect the boats will not light up like the other ones, it's just plastic, but the small magnets probably do. So a series of small points/dot?. I'll ask next time I pass a scanner if I can have a look at the screen....

  2. Frank, You ordered one kit trough this comment box.
    I've not allowed this to be posted - Spambots and other crawly creepers, will certainly make misuse of your information.
    Please Email me directly by using ltw-regelservice at home dot nl

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